Since 2019 we do not use a specific boat. Our goal is to take you to meet the dolphins in safety and return within 3 hours.
NOTE: The sailing trimaran Megaptera isn’t operating since 2018. She shown to be very unreliable for the dolphin tours. Her lack of speed in light winds resulted in too many unsuccessful expeditions, where her comfort and charm were no match for the generalised disappointment. From 2019 onward we proportionate dolphin experiences and not boat experiences, meeting the dolphins comes first.
Our current experiences come in 2 different formats:

Intimate experiences

These are our speciality and the captain’s recommendation. The boats are 7-9m rigid inflatable boats (RIBs). Their low profile enables a more “intimate” experience. If the conditions allow, you will meet the dolphins close enough for listening them, smell them, get splashed by them and even make eye contact. Additionally, you will feel the ocean first hand, riding the waves and the wind like a true explorer.

These vessels are the safest that we could find, built to sustain high seas. After all, they are the boats used by the coast guard. They are virtually unsinkable, designed for carrying 20-26 passengers, but only taking 12 to 18 passengers for comfort purposes.
The main problems pass through lack of a toilet, but there are toilets on the docks, so if you manage to survive a long movie, you’re ready! Some waves can be unforgiving for those with back problems and even fewer waves can get you splashed.
We also only work with boats equipped with outboard engines. They use petrol as fuel which allows for overall low noise emission. Additionally, as the engine is located outside the hull (unlike diesel engines), most of the noise is transmitted to the air and not to the water.

Platonic experiences

For the special cases and upon request, we also use large boats that have toilets, shelter and even a bar! The smaller ones, taking 8-10 passengers, are sailboats, ideal for private tours. The larger ones, which carry more than 50 passengers, are ideal for those who prefer or need a small piece of land floating in the ocean.
These boats are designed to deliver comfort and they are not ideal for looking for dolphins, as they are slow and cover less distance. However they may be the only option for some guests, such as:

  • Large groups that don’t want to split in small different boats
  • Guests with babies, as they need shelter from the sun and the elements
  • Guests with back problems
  • Guests that can’t stay 3h away from a toilet
  • Guests that value comfort over proximity to the dolphins
  • When a boat tour is more important than seeing dolphins