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About Dolphin Tours


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Lisbon is the European Capital of Dolphins, it has more sightings and more dolphin and whale diversity than any other European Capital. Meeting the dolphins is a magic moment that you will be remembering for decades. Francisco is your host and is not just a marine biologist, he is a dolphin expert! Studying the local dolphin communities since 2007, he will take you on a learning quest, unveiling the secrets of the dolphins and other marine life. Making this experience so much more than a tour, by the time you arrive on land, you’d become dolphin experts! Founded in 2015, we are the first licensed dolphin watching company in Lisbon and we are entirely dedicated to dolphins, through tours and research. We have a strict code of approach to ensure the dolphin welfare while we deliver the best experience for our guests. So far, we count with 8 different species. We have a remarkable 95% success in finding dolphins, failing 6 times since 2020. This experience is ideal for those looking for a natural escape. Admire the wild landscape, the dolphins, seabirds and other marine life.

About the tours:

Departure is from Lisbon (Alcântara), at the meeting point, usually in the morning.

You are contributing for local dolphin research, as valuable data will be collected during the tours.

The boat takes 10 people, she is licenced for cetacean observation and so far the most sustainable dolphin watching boat in Lisbon, with protection for marine life, noise mitigation, low emissions and is mostly infinitely recyclable.


for Marine life
from the propeller

1st Licenced

for cetacean observation


noise production for marine life


emissions were reduced 30% since last year


boat made of infinitely recyclable material

No Toilet

But coming soon

Ocean experience


*Prices can change on some days, like weekends or high season. Check the final price on the booking.

  • Around 2h, up to 3h long
  • This tour is only focused in meeting the dolphins
  • It doesn’t have a standard route, we will go where the chances are higher for that day

Looking for dolphins? This is the tour for you! Book Now! 

Originally called Gil Eanes Expedition, this tour is our bestseller and was our only tour for many years. The route will be planed regarding the particular sea conditions of the day and adapted along the journey. A true adventure!

The tour can be divided in 4 parts:

River search
Ocean search
  • We’ll sail into the ocean (if sea conditions allow) looking for dolphins and whales.
  • After being with the dolphins and depending on sea conditions, we’ll keep looking for a highly interactive group or whales.
  • We’ll try to stay away from other boats and have consistent steering that encourage dolphins to stay close to us. We’ll let you know the group structure, their habits and behaviours.
  • After you having your moment looking at dolphins, we’ll teach you to observe them, you’ll see them in a different way!
Return with sightseeing
  • Before arrival we’ll pass by the main monuments with short and interesting facts.
  • Upon arrival and after a quick WC break, we’ll teach to identify the species that we saw and some fanservice for those who want to stick a ‘little’ longer.

Remember, we aim to find dolphins in this tour, if the weather forecast doesn’t fit our standards, we will have to change your original plans and agree on a better day, time or departure location.


River tour


*Prices can change on some days, like weekends or high season. Check the final price on the booking.

  • 1h30 long
  • This tour will look for dolphins while sightseeing Lisbon
  • Standard route, inside the river

Are the other experiences too long? This one will fit you! Book Now! 

Originally called Zarco’s Patrol, the furthest this tour goes looking for dolphins, is the river’s mouth. Keeping the route inside sheltered waters enables more freedom from the weather and cancelations only happen during storms or rain.

The route will cover all areas where dolphins can be found inside the river and will stop by monuments like Praça do Comércio, Christ the King, Monument of the Discoveries, Belém Tower and Bugio Lighthouse. 


Our goal is for you to leave with much more than you arrived!  If you have a specific route or boat type in mind let us know, we are flexible! Check our page of frequent asked questions. Contact us for more information.

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