Items to bring on a dolphin watching trip

Ahoy sailors!

Going on a dolphin expedition with Lisbon dolphins is very exciting because you get to explore the waters around Lisbon and know the wildlife that occurs in them, such as dolphins and seabirds! But, as with all expeditions in the natural environment, sometimes we need to be prepared for the conditions we can face. Therefore, we made a list of suggested items that you can bring on, which can make these expeditions more comfortable for you.

What to Wear

The first and most important aspect of the expeditions is the weather. The conditions at sea are comparable to conditions at the top of a mountain, unsheltered and with direct wind stealing your heat away. This is more evident during the summer, when the sea is much cooler than the land. Therefore, you should check the weather for a couple of hours before the expeditions, so you can know what to expect and organize your clothing accordingly. It’s best to always bring layers of clothing, so you can put them on if it’s too cold or windy. In the summer, bring a jumper or a light jacket and a sun hat. Regarding footwear, it’s best to have something that is close to your feet, not slippery and that can be protective, therefore avoid flip-flops and high heels. In winter, bring a waterproof wind jacket, and a beanie and pack a couple of layers for the top half of the body. You can bring them in your backpack, so you don’t sweat before the expedition, and then decide if you need to put on some layers. If it’s going to be sunny, bring your sunglasses and sunscreen for your face, regardless of the season.

Tech and accessories

Dolphins are amazing creatures, so whenever we spot them, it’s always nice to have a photo or a video of them to show to your friends and family back home. Nowadays, we always carry our cell phones with us and some of them have awesome recording and photographic capabilities, therefore bring a fully charged cell phone and free up some extra storage space. If you have a camera with powerful lenses, they can provide you with that unique shot of the dolphins and the landscape. GoPro and similar cameras can also be useful to capture dynamic videos. Of course, if you are not tech-savvy and don’t want to waste time with all of these, your eyes, and memory, coupled with your excitement, can surely provide you with the warmest memories of these animals!

Food and beverages

Up to three hours on a boat can bring some growling sounds in your belly. Therefore, it’s always helpful to bring a snack to ease some of those belly monsters! You might bring a water bottle, but we do not recommend drinking until we’re heading back. We don’t allow alcoholic beverages on our expeditions.

Before the expedition

Make sure you go to the bathroom before the expedition and don’t drink too much. Your are probably going to be away for up to three hours.

Now we are all set to roam in the waters around Lisbon and search for some dolphins! Off we go!

Megaptera is already operating!

Good news for our research projects and for the explorers who want to join us in our expeditions. Our vessel is finally registered and already operating!
Our first guest tried our Pigafetta’s Note – Adrenaline Sailing pack. We participated in the Christmas regatta, where after a disastrous start we managed to recovered 7 places back!


Splasing the Megaptera

Our flagship is finally on the water! Soon we will run some tests in order to get her ready in the end of the month, so the tours could begin.