Orcas in Costa da Caparica

Morales and 53

In the past day 4, we spot orcas off Costa da Caparica. We still din’t got the boat ready but that didn’t stop us, with got a ride from our neighbour, Terra Incógnita and we went to intersect them with a clue from our friends at Bolhas tours.

One big male Morales, 4 females one male juvenile (so it seemed) and one calf. These orcas belonged to Muesca matriline and it’s usual companions, all already known to Spanish research teams for a few years and are often sighted in the summer areas in Spain. It was at least the 3rd group that passed this year along the Portuguese coast but the only one we could find.

The juvenile 053
053 with Sintra
Corsica and baby Mateo
The mature male Morales
Morales, Muesca and 031

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