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Orca found dead

A female Orca was found dead in Algarve, south of Portugal. It was with great apprehension that Francisco saw the first photos, showing a missing right flipper. Corsica 018, a

Iberian Orcas collaborated with Neanderthals

Orcas and Neanderthals collaborated in the Strait of Gibraltar to hunt the Atlantic bluefin tuna, according to research. According to the fossil records found in caves used by the Neanderthals

Quem são os golfinhos do Tejo

Têm sido avistados golfinho com frequência no rio Tejo há já 50 dias. É incrível a frequência dia a dia que golfinhos-comuns são vistos tão perto do centro da cidade.

Who are the Lisbon Dolphins?

Dolphins had been frequently sighted in the Tagus river for 50 days now. It has been incredible the day by day frequency that common dolphins are seen so close to
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