Doca de Santo Amaro, 1350-353 Lisboa

The meeting point is under the address “Lisbon Dolphins” on GoogleMaps, UBER and other apps. The meeting is located on the east side of St. Amaro’s Dock (Doca de Santo Amaro), GATE 3. This is the closest dock to the large red suspension bridge across Tagus river, the 25th April bridge. There is no mark or shop on the place as it’s not allowed to place advertisement in the area.
If you’re crossing bellow the large red suspension bridge with dolphin paintings on the base, you’re in the right dock but on the wrong side.

Follow the map bellow, or place these coordinates on google maps: 38.699125569311384, -9.178819717274026

How to get here:

Gate 3

UBER is the easiest way, but count with traffic time in weekdays. Search for Lisbon Dolphins on the app. DO NOT go to Alcântara dock, for so reason guests using uber tend to end up in Alcântara dock, which is the neighbouring dock and is 15 min away by walk.
Public transportation is the cheapest way. Depending where you are, the route can take many forms.

From city centre or east side usually ends up going to Cais do Sodré (usually by metro/subway) and from there you have plenty of options:

  • Bus 728 and 5 stops later, exit on Alcântara-Mar stop, go under the train line to the south/riverside. And you’ll be 6 min by walk away from the meeting point.
  • Train (Cascais Line) and 2 stops later exit on Alcântara-Mar station, go for the south/riverside exit. And you’ll be 6 min by walk away from the meeting point.
  • Shared bikes (jump are uber app) and scooters are the best option for door to door, but you need basic navigation skills. Follow the bike road, it’s quiet and straight forward.

From west side, the train (Cascais Line) usually is the best way. Exit on Alcântara-Mar station, go for the south exit.

If you’re driving a car, you have free car parking, 12 minute walk away from the meeting point here. Or at 1 minute walk away paid car parking, here.

Doca de Santo Amaro, has a restroom that opens at 9am. Remember to arrive slightly earlier if you need to use it before the expedition. Do not count for a coffee place, as usually they open only at 10am. After the experience there is a good amount of places for lunch.
Plan your trip to arrive 15 min EARLIER of the scheduled departure time.
Avoid drinking too much before the expedition as there is no toilet on the boat, you can bring some snacks. Don’t forget to bring a jacket, sunscreen on and plenty of questions!

If you didn’t read our frequently asked questions before booking, GO CHECK THEM! There you will find details like health restrains, weather, and other additional information. Also check what to wear, it’s common for guests to come poorly dressed.