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Lisbon Dolphins – Dolphin Watching in Lisbon

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Meeting the dolphins is a magic moment that you’ll be remembering for decades. Become an explorer and leave the crowded city and sail into the Ocean for 3h. Get immersed in Atlantic’s vastness, enjoy the fresh ocean breeze and experience the warm reception of our dolphins and seabirds.

This experience is ideal for those looking for a natural escape. Admire the wild landscape, the dolphins, seabirds and other marine life.

About the tour:

Departure is from Lisbon (Alcântara), at the meeting point

3h long, some days 4h are needed

The boat takes 12-16 guests

Guide is a dolphin expert marine biologist

You are contributing for local dolphin research


This experience has 9 out of 10 chances to be much more than a boat tour. Lisbon is the European Capital of Dolphins, it has more sightings and more dolphin and whale diversity than any other European Capital.

A great skua stilling the catch from a Gannet

It usually takes 3 hours to find the dolphins but we have an extra hour if needed. Three hours will feel very short as your host is a passionate marine biologist with 13 years of experience studying these dolphins. You will be supporting true scientific projects, as valuable data will be collected for knowing better the local dolphin community. Your host will be sharing his scientific knowledge, you will see the dolphins and everything else from a new perspective!

He will take you on a learning quest, about dolphins and other magnificent souls of the Ocean like sharkssunfish, sword fishwhales and seabirds, birds that live all year in the Ocean, like the northern gannet, shearwater, skuas and petrels.

We are the first licensed dolphin watching agency in Lisbon, we sighted 8 of the 17 different species of whales and dolphins that can be found. All expeditions are genuine scientific surveys, we are going out to check on our dolphin community and you come along to meet them.

You will learn how to identify dolphins and whales, learn how they evolved and why are they so special. You will also get insight about history of the monuments but also about the prehistory that carved the landscape, the oceanographic and atmospheric features that you will encounter.

Our goal is for you to leave with much more than you arrived! But remember, we aim to find dolphins and not taking guests on a boat trip. So we might have to change your original plans to fit the sea conditions. If you have a specific route or boat type in mind let us know, we are flexible!

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3 hours, 60€

Bottlenoses showing off
Minke whale and Sintra mountain
Common dolphins passing by Bugio lighthouse
Bottenose dolphins in front of Caparica Coast