Megaptera is already operating!

Good news for our research projects and for the explorers who want to join us in our expeditions. Our vessel is finally registered and already operating!
Our first guest tried our Pigafetta’s Note – Adrenaline Sailing pack. We participated in the Christmas regatta, where after a disastrous start we managed to recovered 7 places back!


Orcas in Costa da Caparica

Morales and 53

In the past day 4, we spot orcas off Costa da Caparica. We still din’t got the boat ready but that didn’t stop us, with got a ride from our neighbour, Terra Incógnita and we went to intersect them with a clue from our friends at Bolhas tours.
One big male Morales, 4 females one male juvenile (so it seemed) and one calf. These orcas belonged to Muesca matriline and it’s usual companions, all already known to Spanish research teams for a few years and are often sighted in the summer areas in Spain. It was at least the 3rd group that passed this year along the Portuguese coast but the only one we could find.

The juvenile 053

053 with Sintra

Corsica and baby Mateo

The mature male Morales

Morales, Muesca and 031

Biologists in sight

Biologists in sight were the first of many environmental education activities to be developed by ECCO Ocean!
An activity in partnership with the Sea Sciences Association and the Museum of Natural History and Sciences, where the 30 participants could have a glimpse of what it is like to be cetologist (biologist studying dolphins and whales).

This time we had to resort to our colleague Maré to exemplify how to collect data of dolphins, but next time we will have real dolphins!

Splasing the Megaptera

Our flagship is finally on the water! Soon we will run some tests in order to get her ready in the end of the month, so the tours could begin.

ECCO Ocean in BTL

ECCO Ocean visited the BTL  to look for new partnerships and projects in the field of nature / nautical tourism. The maritime-tourist operators were few but of good quality. Future prospects look promising!

ECCO Ocean in Ocean’s Past VI Conference

ECCO Ocean will participate in the 6th edition of the European conference “Ocean’s Past”, which will take place from 15-20 May 2017 in Sesimbra. Conference participants will be able to enjoy a boat trip that will show the natural beauty of the Arrábida coast.