Orcas in Lisbon

052 and OOLX01

On the past Monday, 6th of August we found a group of orcas few miles off Lisbon feeding of fish along with common dolphins. These individuals belong to a known group from the Gibraltar population, the Bartolo pod. Only individuals from 51’s matriline were present (50, 51,52 and an unknown baby).
These orcas usually feed during the summer months in Gibraltar, chasing tuna. There are a total of 5 groups on Gibraltar’s population and all seem to pass by Lisbon coast.

050 the mature male

051 the matriarch hunting alongside common dolphins

052 inspecting the boat

Whale in Lisbon

In the last expeditions we had been seeing whales, 2h away from Lisbon. We are convinced that’s a minke whale, the 2nd smallest species of the baleen whales. It is very hard to photograph as this individual is very invasive and unpredictable, making a rigorous identification very difficult. Minke whales had been

Three species at once

Today in our Bartholomew Diaz expedition – Dolphin Watching from Lisbon we sighted 3 different cetacean species!
The harbour porpoise was the first one, a very shy pair surfaced near the port side of our sailing trimaran. Their small size and near triangular dorsal fin is very characteristic enabling their identification.
After and hour and further south we found a big pod of common dolphins interacting with a pod of striped dolphins. Some 20 individuals joined us bow-riding between our 3 bows, it was magical!

Orcas in Costa da Caparica

Morales and 53

In the past day 4, we spot orcas off Costa da Caparica. We still din’t got the boat ready but that didn’t stop us, with got a ride from our neighbour, Terra Incógnita and we went to intersect them with a clue from our friends at Bolhas tours.
One big male Morales, 4 females one male juvenile (so it seemed) and one calf. These orcas belonged to Muesca matriline and it’s usual companions, all already known to Spanish research teams for a few years and are often sighted in the summer areas in Spain. It was at least the 3rd group that passed this year along the Portuguese coast but the only one we could find.

The juvenile 053

053 with Sintra

Corsica and baby Mateo

The mature male Morales

Morales, Muesca and 031

Orcas na Costa da Caparica


No passado dia 4, avistamos orcas ao Largo da Costa da Caparica. Ainda não conseguimos ter o barco pronto mas isso não nos demoveu, com uma boleia da vizinha Terra Incógnita conseguimos intersecta-las apenas com referência de um aviso dos nossos amigos da Bolhas Tours.
O grupo corresponde à matrilina da Muesca e os acompanhantes usuais. Já são bem conhecidos das equipas de investigação espanholas que os estudam durante a Primavera e Verão. Para além do macho  grande (Morales) foi possível identificar pelo menos 4 fêmeas adultas, um macho juvenil e uma cria provavelmente deste ano. Este foi pelo menos o 3º grupo que passou pela costa portuguesa no fim do Verão mas o único que conseguimos avistar.

Juvenil 053

053 com Sintra

Corsica e a ciraMateo

Macho adulto, Morales

Morales, Muesca e 031