About US


Our guidelines are based on the following objectives:

  • Study of the marine environment and megafauna communities off mainland Portuguese coast
  • Run as a self-sufficient entity, funding our own research through ecotourism revenues
  • Present to the public the natural wealth of Portugal’s central coast, while having the opportunity to educate and sensitize to the environment
  • Promote the development of sustainable and efficient techniques for marine exploration

The main goal is to study the dolphin and whale population in central Portugal. At the moment we are dependent on tourism revenue to keep doing the surveys.

The philosophy of the company is to leave a low impact on the environment, through the chosen vessel which will be able to keep the environmental impacts as low as possible. When is possible, we join other boats, as it is preferable having one boat watching the dolphins than two.

Ultimately we aim to have a null impact on the environment, by becoming carbon neutral, abdicating of the antifouling paints, by not contributing to marine noise, using sustainable products, and ensuring the recycling of all produced waste.