Weekly Update February #4

In the past week we found dolphins in all of the dolphin watching tours, 407 days since the last failed ocean tour.
We sighted 2 dolphin species, the common dolphin and bottlenose dolphins. And both tours ranked 3 stars on our scale.
On average, we had 9 guests per dolphin watching tour and 0 seasickness cases.
Sea state was on average sea state 1.
This following week we expect bad weather a high Seas. We’ll be closed with a change of going out on Friday 1st. We’ll see how the weather forecast goes, but the weekend shouldn’t be good enough.

Weekly update February #2

Unfortunately no internal tour had been done. We’re still delayed regarding having the boat ready, this is the price for a safer, more comfortable and greener boat for 2024… All guests have been redirected to other boats and had great experiences, with multiple dolphin species.

We plan having the boat ready to operate on Friday, but unlikely in time for a morning tour.

Weather forecast shows storm for Thursday 15th, Friday 16th and Saturday 17th have quite good sea conditions and fair conditions until Tuesday 21th, depending of how high the swell will be.

Weekly update February #1

Despite the good weather during the first week of February, we didn’t went out, as the boat suffered some delays on upgrades and maintenance. But Rorky will be quite a new boat in 2024, with some new features!!

Our guests did went t the Sea with our partners and all tours saw dolphins!!

Quite windy and rainy days ahead, we are expecting some improvement for Monday 12th and Wednesday 14th we might be able to go out, but still shaky forecast, Tuesday 13th seems to be too windy to go and Thursday 15th is looking very promising!!