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Weekly report: June #3

In the past week we found dolphins in all of the dolphin watching tours. We took less than 30 min to find the first dolphin group in 80% of the tours and in all of them we found at least a second group.

The Lisbon&Dolphins afternoon tours, had 80% chance rate of seeing dolphins.

We sighted 2 dolphin species, the common dolphin were the most sighted species this week, followed by the bottlenose dolphins. In addition to dolphins we also have one sighting of two Harbour Porpoises.

On average, we had 10 guests per dolphin watching tour and no seasickness cases. Sea state was on average sea state 3 (picture).

This following week we expect windy afternoons and calm mornings. So far, only Thursday seems too be too windy for doing dolphin watching tours.


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