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Observation & Discovery Tours

Don't just watch, observe.
Don't just learn, explore.

Guided tours by real marine biologists for a real experience.


We want to share our love of dolphins with you!

Lisbon Dolphins is a Marine Exploration company that provides guided tours by real Marine Biologists that welcome you in their boat and share their knowledge and deep love for dolphins and other marine specifies. See them out in their natural habitat. By the end you will be able to identify each and few other curiosities that will impress your loved one back home.

Being the first Marine Tour company to operate out of Lisbon’s harbour and lead and backed by two distinguished Marine Biologists and researchers, Francisco Martinho and Andreia Pereira, Lisbon Dolphins has an average of 98% success rate in dolphins’ sights.

We aim to be become one the best Eco Tours in the world as our objective is to develop a sustainable and low impact business while contributing to Eco Education by providing a real scientific experience in a natural scenario.

Don’t just watch, observe. Don’t just learn, explore.


Get to know dolphins with real experts.

Don't miss the dolphins!

97% success rate in seeing dolphins and other species!

Responsible boating

Our recyclable boat has reduced noise and emissions in 30% since last year!

Get ready to explore!

Don't just watch, learn how to observe! You will feel like a marine biologist!


What they say about us:

Francisco is a professional who aims to approach nature as carefully as possible (…) We had the luck of spotting a Minke whale, (…) If you wish to go dolphin watching in Lisbon in the most animal-friendly way possible, this is the way.
Francisco is a great host. He has sound knowledge and brings you the dolphins and the beautiful nature closer. Since I liked it so much, I have booked the tour again! There are also other nature experiences he can make. I was very satisfied and would recommend him to a hundred percent !!!!!!
The dolphin tour with Francisco is something very special! He knows so much and is thrilled to share that knowledge. This is great fun and very educational. It is not an ordinary tourist tour: you are so close to the dolphins and right in the middle of it all (…)
The tour definitely kept its promises: Francisco shared a lot of expert knowledge about dolphins as well as the geological history of Portugal. (…) I would recommend this to anyone, since the boat was small and the experience intimate compared to bigger dolphin tours.
This experience was fantastic !! Francisco was exceptionally friendly and shared his vast knowledge with us, making it not just an experience, but more than that. Nothing was too much to make the day unforgettable. The dolphins were found quickly (…) All this with so much respect towards the animals, so nice! (…)
Highly recomended! Francisco is a dolphin-enthusiast with great knowledge about dolphins and marine life that he was eager to share. He also wanted us to ask questions and the experience was really interactive. Really learnt a lot from him about the life of dolphins and their culture/social life (...)
Francisco was a very friendly and knowlegdeable host. He explaned everything what he did and what we were going to do. We had a lot of fog but in the end saw Minke whales. We didn't see the dolphins but seeing the whales was a treat enough (...) Would recommend it to everybody wanting to see dolphins and a nice boat tour.
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